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Laura Kubzansky on Stress and Reslience

Posted by The Situationist Staff on May 22, 2012

At the Fifth Project on Law and Mind Sciences Conference,“The Psychology of Inequality” (Harvard, 2011) , Laura Kubzansky made a fascinating presentation, titled “Stress and Reslience: Pathways to Social Disparities in Health.”  The video of her presentation is above.  Here is a short description:

This presentation discusses stress and resilience as important mechanisms by which social disparities influence health. It considers how being stressed or resilient is shaped by social environment, and whether these processes influence health.

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3 Responses to “Laura Kubzansky on Stress and Reslience”

  1. g2-d2276f2143f80184a5adb72fe4d70743 said

    If inequality is a killer then shouldn’t the last slide have something on it about redistribution?

  2. […] Situationist Blog has this video of Laura Kubzansky discussing Stress and Reslience: Pathways to Social Disparities in Health at […]

  3. […] let’s have some real science now shall we? First up, a really interesting talk (video) on stress and resilience, how it is shaped by social environment and whether or not this has an impact on individual health. […]

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