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Praise for The Situationist

Since the The Situationist launched on January 26, 2007, we have received many kind words for which we are grateful. Here is a sampling:

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The #1 Psychology and Neuroscience Blog of 2012top 30 psychology blogs (of the top 30).

~ Online Psychology (1/29/2013)

one of “40 Superb Psychology Blogs

~ Psyblog (9/15/2012)

The Situationist – Jon Hanson’s blog on Law & Mind Sciences. Think of this as the primordial soup that spawned, well, everything.”

~ The Cosmic AC (Website for LAMSA at The University of Chicago Law Schoo) (11/2011)

Winner of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) 2011 Media Prize in recognition of its “outstanding work in promoting personality and social psychology research to the general public.”

~ SPSP (08/27/2011)

The Situationist “is a frankly wonderful blog with short, accessibly written entries on cutting edge social science.  They have 150 entries on Implicit Bias alone here.”

~ Peter Kirwan’s Webpage (07/2011)

one of “the 25 most interesting and useful psychology related blogs of 2011”

~ Best Colleges (Summer 2011)

one of “50 Mind-Bending Psychology Blogs

~ Psychology Degrees Online (12/08/2010)

The ABA Journal, the flagship magazine of the American Bar Association, named The Situationist one of twelve blogs honored in the category “Law Prof Plus,” among this year’s 100 best legal blogs.

~ The ABA Journal (11/30/2010)

“RECOMMEND A ‘MUST READ'”: “Literally anything on The Situationist. It’s mostly about social psychology – something I wasn’t really aware of until I started reading this thing about a year ago and now I read it most days because it is just that intensely interesting.

~ White Chapel (Badbear, 08/17/2010)

One of the top 3 Social Psychology blogs that looks at “[h]ow “the situation” influences our behaviour.

~ The 28 best psychology blogs on the internet, organised by topic, (main blogger Warren Davies, 03/01/2010)

“a great Web site that discusses psychology as it is related to current events

~ Course Website for Honors Introductory Psychology (Professor Bradley M. Okdie, U. Alabama, 07/29/2010)

“interesting articles about the role of social psychology in ‘real life’

~ PSY 202 Social Psychology Website (Muhlenberg College, 02/24/2010)

“100 Best Blogs for Psychology Students.

~ (02/03/2010)

“If you’ve wondered why there are differing perspectives about the factual basis of litigation, find the cord to your parachute and open your mind to Harvard Law’s Project on Law and Mind Sciences and situationism.

~ main blogger on Slabbed (12/29/09)

Best article addressing Dove I’ve read.” “You go, Situationist Coco. That article is spot on.”

~ Posters on Live Journal (12/18/09)

The Situationist named as one of the “top ten psychology blogs:” “Explores the importance of the situation in human behaviour and thought. It covers social psychology, social cognition, and related fields . . . .”

~ Squidoo blog (12/09/2009)

The Situationist. This blog has remained for several years an outstanding source for news and discussion on human behavior and the effect of situational forces on legal, political, and social institutions. An essential addition to your blog library.”

~ Diane Levin, the main blogger at the superb Mediation Channel (11/20/2009)

“What if Adam Smith’s ‘invisible hand’ argument doesn’t mean what we think it means?  What if it doesn’t mean that everything else but the ‘free market’ can and should be ignored?  What if if Smith actually depended on social and historical context in order to make his argument in the first place? What if it was an argument deeply dependent on what Harvard law professor Jon Hanson, co-creator of The Situationist blog calls ‘the situation’?  In fact, that’s exactly what happened! . . .”

~ Paul Rosenberg at Open Left, a “website dedicated toward building a progressive governing majority in America”(11/15/2009)

“Again the honorable blog, The Situationist, has posted a fascinating series of videos . . . .”

~ main blogger at the always worthwhile Simoleon Sense blog (10/15/2009)

“Jon Hanson has written an excellent takedown of the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty‘.”

~ main blogger at informative tvSmarterblog (10/04/2009)

“Perhaps my favorite psychology website, The Situationist . . . . I highly recommend visiting The Situationist . . . .”

~ main blogger at the excellent Simoleon Sense blog (09/18/2009)

On Justice City USA‘s list of “Top 50 Criminal Justice Blogs,” because it “tackles ideas relating to society, psychology and the rule of law.”

~ main blogger at Justice City, USA (08/04/2009)

On Psyblog‘s list of “40 Superb Psychology Blogs,” providing “the most interesting content being produced online right now.”

~ main blogger at the superb PsyBlog (07/21/2009)

“The excellent Situationist blog has a fantastic article on the legal implications of implicit biases.

~ Vaughan at the superb Mind Hacks blog (07/17/2009)

“. . . a great website that discusses social psychology as it is related to current events . . . .

~ Bradley Okdle, the creator of Current Topics In Social Psychology course website (07/07/2009)

“[O]ver at one my favorite sites, The Situationist, is an article  . . . about the work of Emily Pronin (who I am a big fan of . . . ).”

~ Joe Gerstandt, the main blogger at Our Time To Act (06/15/2009)

“The excellent Situationist blog has a must-read piece on the controversy over implicit bias, one of the most heavily researched aspects of our unconscious.

~ Dr. Vaughan Bell at the excellent Mind Hacks (05/22/2009)

The host of our wonderful blog, Thomas Nadelhoffer, has been invited to be a contributor to another great blog, The Situationist.  See here.   The blog is run out of Harvard Law School’s Project on Law and Mind Sciences.  Thomas is the only philosopher who has been invited to be a contributor among a group of very impressive psychologists and law professors.  Personally, I have found the blog extremely interesting.”

at Experimental Psychology (02/11/2009)

Over at the mostly awesome [Situationist]blog, they have opened up PLMSTube about a week ago. It’s a collection of about 80 videos so far, chiefly it seems from their first two annual conferences and visiting speakers. One of the videos, which they have running on their blog right now, is an amazing 30 minute talk from Jennifer Eberhardt’s talk from 2007, “Policing Racial Bias. . . . [Y]ou can watch the whole talk directly on the . . . blog right here. 30 minutes you won’t regret spending.”

~ Main Blogger at What Sorts of People (02/07/2009)

“Fantastic essay about women in politics here, at the Situationist.”

~ Main Blogger at Feminist Law Professors (12/15/2008)

“I was reading an interview with John Jost regarding political psychology over at fave read The Situationist.”

~ Anittah Patrick at Anittah Patrick (12/15/2008)

[I’ve linked to] “a fascinating article, with videos, from The Situationist, an excellent blog that explores situationism and related topics.

~ Main Blogger at Wilson’t Blogmonac (11/18/2008)

The Situationsthas a provocative post . . . .  It makes a very good case.

~ Main Blogger at Mind, Soul, and Body (10/03/2008)

The Situationst has a timely post about a study that, while a few years old, definitely rings the bell of our current political situation.

~ Main Blogger at Neuronarrative (09/30/2008)

. . . a social/psychological site that I heartily recommend.

~ Main Blogger at The University Blog (09/12/2008)

“A must read.If I think of one article that interested me more than almost any other in the last year, it is one that was done by The Situationist, one of my favorite blogs.”

~ Main Blogger at Audio Attitude (09/11/2008)

“A really good blog.

~ Main Blogger at Deliberations (09/11/2008)

“As you’ll see by this post and several following, I’m impressed with the information and focus of the blog, The Situationist.

~ Main Blogger at Mirabile Dictu(09/06/2008)

“Although . . . [the Situationist] is considered to be focused specifically on social psychology, the topics are varied and this site should appeal to anyone looking for a general look at psychology in the modern world.

~ “Top 100 Mental Health and Psychology Blogs” ~ at Online University Reviews (08/12/2008)

[The Situationist is] “a well written website, and beautifully designed as well.

~ Maya ~ biologist, artist, and the main blogger at Dwelling Melvile (08/05/2008)

[The Situationist is] “a blog that consistently delivers relevant news, provocative viewpoints, and incisive writing that keeps readers like me coming back. Your work is relevant across so many fields, including mine, law and conflict resolution. Thank you for your considerable contributions and for your dedication to your readers. Three cheers!

~ Diane Levin ~ a dispute resolution professional and the main blogger at The Mediation Channel (08/03/2008)

“I’ve just come across a blog called The Situationist. . . . It looks pretty interesting.

~ Ian Hocking ~ This Writing Life (07/15/2008)

“For a great blog that explores the scope and implications of this tendency as it applies to varied domains such as law, politics, business, and more, check out The Situationist.”

~ Sam Sommers, Tufts University Professor of Social Psychology ~ Psychology Today (07/11/2008)

“I appreciate having had my attention brought to this blog, which I very much look forward to exploring. Jon Hanson and Michael McCann have assembled a most interesting article library. I have added it to my daily reading list.

~ Gina Stepp ~ Family Matters (07/02/2008)

“One of my favorite places on the web is The Situationist, a blog that explores how the “situation” (or context) affects interpretation.”

~ Arthur Shapiro ~ Illusion Sciences (06/15/2008)

“Top Criminal Justice Blog . . . The Situationist: smart social psychology blog uncovers research projects and findings, group behavior, child psychology, law and more.

~ Criminal Justice Degrees Guide (06/05/2008)

Best social psychology blog

The Situationist explores the importance of the situation in human behaviour and thought. It covers social psychology, social cognition, and related fields, but it is associated with HarvardLawSchool and therefore has a broad subject-area. It has both original writing and interesting excerpts from relevant pieces in the media.”

~ Jeremy Dean, a barrister and a graduate student in psychology at University College London who blogs on PsyBlog (5/2008)

“Thanks for all of your wonderful work with the Situationist blog. I thought I was on top of social psychology and behavioral econ/law, but you guys consistently point us toward great new works in this area. It’s so satisfying to learn how much scholarship there is that I didn’t know about.”

~ Chris Paulse (05/18/2008)

“. . . The Situationist, a great blog about social psychology.

~ Main Blogger on Sociological Images (05/05/2008)

“The glorious Situationist Blog . . . .”

~ Main Blogger on Psychology and Crime News (03/30/2008)

“I think Situationism is aligned with my goal to attempt to understand reality . . . . The blog seems well done.

~ Main Blogger on Hopefully Anonymous Blog (03/16/2008)

The Situationist has a nine-part series on ‘Deep Capture,’ the hypothesis that ‘there will be a competition over the situation (including the way we think) to influence the behavior of individuals and institutions and that those individuals, groups, entities, or institutions that are most powerful will win that competition.’ In the end, it’s quite an interesting hypothesis, simply because it forces us to think differently about any given situation. Who’s trying to control a situation? How do they use our dispositions against us? It’s a rather clever reduction of both inequality and cultural theory, of focusing on how power works and on how culture works at the same time. . . . Hanson and Yosifon present a lot of interesting considerations over the breadth of their series.”

~ Daniel Lende, Neuroanthropology (3/15/2008)

“The wonderfulSituationist blog, which I don’t cite nearly enough because their posts are so complete and detailed they don’t leave me anything to say, considers magical thinking . . . .

~ Anne Reed, Deliberations (3/14/2008)

“[T]his weekend [is the] Law and Mind Conference (which is part of the Project on Law and Mind Sciences at the Harvard Law School). The conference is run by the same individuals who run one of the best blogs on the web (in my own humble estimation)–The Situationist. So, in the event that you (or your students) live close enough to Boston/Cambridge to attend, I strongly recommend you make the trip. The line-up of speakers is impressive and the list of topics seems really fascinating!

~ Thomas Nadelhoffer, a philosophy professor who blogs on Experimental Philosophy (3/05/2008)

me he encontrado algunas cosas muy interesantes en “The Situationist” (one of my new links) . . . .

~ Fernando, at LaEsquinaDeFernando (02/18/2008)

“A great post over at ‘The Situationist. Speaks to the composition and value of sex, love, and relationships.

~ Tony Fortner, at Neuronomicon (02/11/2008)

One scary post, at The Situationist.”

~ Ann Bartow, at Sivacracy (02/07/2008)

“ . . . of course, there’s the prototypical DA’s office rep denying that upbringing and circumstances have any impact at all on how people turn out. She needs a strong dose of The Situationist.”

~ Michael Connelly, at Corrections Sentencing (01/29/2008)

“One of the best blogs on cognition, behavior, and the mind sciences is The Situationist, which examines the implications of social psychology for law, policymaking, and legal theory.”

~ Diane Levin on Mediation Channel (01/21/2008)

“Su The Situationist, un post molto interessante con un recente tentativo di proporre un esperimento simile, seppur ‘ammorbidito’. . . .

~ Luca Baiguini on LucaBaiguini Blog (01/16/2008)

“. . . The Situationist has a fantastic post on a recent replication of Stanley Milgram’s (in)famous conformity experiment which is usually always described as being ‘too unethical to perform today.”

~ Main Blogger on Mind Hacks (01/07/2008)

“ . . . I’ve been frustrated by a lack of a way to explain my thoughts. A lack of vocabulary. However, that was before the Situationist gave me a glimpse into the issue . . . .

~ Main Blogger on Some of Nothing Blog (01/03/2008)

“ . . . The Situationist has a couple of its always thought-provoking posts up . . . .”

~ Michael Connelly, at Corrections Sentencing (12/24/2007)

“I’ve . . . just stumbled on more excellent commentary on this topic with a great write up over at The Situationist. Well worth a read.”

~ Main Blogger on PsyBlog (12/22/2007)

“I recently discovered this website. Great stuff. I wanted to comment on the time delay, ‘readiness potential’ research you reference . . . . Much of the credit for that research belongs to my wife’s grandfather, Dr. Benjamin Libet. Ben passed away this year, but he’d be thrilled to know that his work had reached you.”

~ Brady Bellis (12/17/2007)

The Situationist is a great collaborative effort that includes contributions from a number of prominent social psychologists.”

~ Main Blogger at Dr. X’s Free Associations (12/10/2007)

“. . . [S]ince I was in my early twenties, I have been very curious and inquisitive about the factors that make up our unconscious decisions and how this applies to how we socially interact with people and how we feel about people that we don’t know. Taking it a step further is the study of Situationism, which I really know nothing about but find it totally fascinating! Never a psychology major, I couldn’t have guessed that there are people out there that think about this 24/7, speak on it, and study it for a living. Whatever is out there, that helps to define or make better understood, that at our very basic core, we are a human and this factors or should factor into the laws we make and keep is something I want to know more about. That is why I visit the Situationist site on a somewhat regular basis . . . .”

~ Main Blogger (Michelle) at “Sont les mots qui vont très bien ensemble” (12/09/2007)

“A good read . . . .” & “The Situationist offers another post in an excellent series on The Unconscious Situation of our Consciousness.

~ Main Blogger at Dr. X’s Free Associations (10/29/07) & (12/06/2007)

The Situationist has a series going right now . . . which is a reminder of why I nominated them for a “Thinking Blogger Award.”

~ Michael Connelly, at Corrections Sentencing (11/20/2007)

Insightful blogs like The Situationist . . . have covered the entire body image commentary expansively.”

~ Amy Jussel at Shaping Youth (11/13/2007)

The Situationist has a nice post on how much of what we do is handled by the unconscious parts of our brains. As they say, “A lot has been learned about how what we think we know about what moves us is wrong . . . [and] how what we don’t know we know can influence us.” . . . . The work on this is just starting, but posts like this will help you be on the cutting edge, which we know is exactly where you want to be.”

~ Michael Connelly, at Corrections Sentencing (11/09/2007)

“Over at the Situationist—if you don’t read it, you should!—Jon Hanson is discussing his theory of deep capture. Hanson’s work should be highly interesting to consumer lawyers, policy makers, and academics.

~ David Arkush at Consumer Law & Policy Blog (11/02/2007) [To read a Situationist post about Arkush’s fascinating situationist work, click here.]

“Thanks to the ever-excellent The Situationist . . . .

~ Main Blogger at Nanopolitan (10/27/2007)

The Situationist’s very well argued points. . . . The rest of The Situationist’s post is also terrific. . . . Well done to The Situationist . . . for great writing and keep up the scrutiny.”

~ Main Bloggerat Blue Milk Blog (10/26/2007)

[The Situationist is o]ne of my new favourite blogs too . . . .

~ Electric Angel commenting on “I’m Objective, You’re Biased” (10/26/2007)

The Situationist [is] one of my new favorite blogs.

~ Main Blogger at Green Oasis (10/25/2007)

The Situationist . . . [is] one of my favorite “thinky” blogs . . . .”

~ Main Blogger at Nice But Nubbly (10/22/2007)

“I just read this fantastic, thorough piece over at The Situationist . . . .”

~ Stacey May at The Shameless Blog (10/14/2007)

“Thank you for all of the amazing work you all do at the Project on Law and Mind Sciences and at The Situationist, which is far and away the most consistently interesting academic blog out there.

~ Hafez Adel (10/14/2007)

The Situationist . . . [is f]ocused on the idea that human behavior is less about the individual and more about the situation. It’s an intriguing thesis and the content is very good.

~ Main Blogger at The Decision Strategist (10/3/2007)

“I add a new link at the side so rarely that it merits a blog post. I’ve just linked to a fascinating site/blog called “The Situationist,” which discusses, among other things, fascinating stories from the world of clinical psychology, advertising, etc. . . . definitely worth taking a glance.”

~ Main Blogger at The Literary Salon (10/1/2007)

“My hypothesis is that a normal person may not peruse this site, The Situationist, without finding something of use for the person’s work or homelife — or at a minimum, something extremely intrigueing about a problem the person has in an organization to which the person belongs.”

~ Main Blogger at Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub (9/22/2007)

“Pooh’s recommended blog of the year: Harvard Law’s The Situationist. (You can find a summary of the posts I dedicated to material posted at the Situationist here.)”

~ Michael Metzler, who blogs on Pooh’s Think (8/27/2007)

“You should refer to a blog called The Situationist at for a good example of what a social psychology-related blog looks like.”

~ Kevin P. McIntyre, Boston College social psychology professor (9/1/2007)

“The Situationist [is] one of my favorite blogs . . . .”

~ Main Blogger at Audio Attitude (8/21/2007)

“The Situationist: Always interesting . . . with some top rate contributors.”

~ Main Blogger at Deception Blog (8/14/2007)

“The Situationist thinks we’re ‘terrific.’ And, hey, the feeling is mutual.”

~ Lisa on Sociological Images (7/23/2007)

“The Situationist is one of our best blogs right now so, if you haven’t checked them out yet, let this be your excuse to do so now.”

~ Michael Connelly, administrator of the Evaluation & Analysis Unit of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections who blogs on Corrections Sentencing (7/19/2007)

“Your webpage is my first stop each morning. It is very informative and
probably the most visually stunning of anything that I have seen.”

~ Mike Delahunty (7/19/2007)

“[We’re] fascinated by its premise: Is ESPN deliberately trying to kill hockey? The case is laid out by people far more deliberate, logical and measured than we are.”

~ Will Leitch, founding editor of Deadspin (7/9/2007)

“You owe it to yourself to read it.”

~ Main Blogger at Kuklas Korner (7/9/2007)

“It’s well-worth the read.”

~ “HabsFan33,” who blogs on Four Habs Fans (7/9/2007)

“Great article over at the Situationist postulating that ESPN’s coverage or lack thereof and constant snarkyness toward the league are killing the NHL among casual sport fans in the US.”

~ Main Blogger at The IceBurgh (7/9/2007)

“Speaking of smarter than we are, The Situationist is a blog based out of the HarvardLawSchool. Instead of looking at the first amendment or the legality of political donations, this article wonders if ESPN’s negative view of the NHL had led in part to the league’s poor standing.”

~ Main Blogger at The Sporting Orange (7/6/2007)

“Two of my favorite things, hockey talk and social science wonkery, go together [on The Situationist].

~ Sarah, who blogs on The Neutral Zone Trap (7/3/2007)

“If you missed it or passed it over, you owe it to yourself to read it.”

~ Main Blogger at The Hockey Herald (7/3/2007)

“Today’s sports blogging must-read comes from Jason Chung, a [Situationist] fellow . . .”

~ Eric McErlain, who blogs on Off Wing Opinion (7/2/2007)

“Wow . . . it’s a real must read.”

~ Jordan Cooper, who blogs on Hockey Pundits (7/2/2007)

“As a mediator, I see people behave under extraordinary pressure and in the face of difficult circumstances. They come with carefully constructed narratives of the past which often must be dismantled and considered anew. Their understanding and reactions may influenced by unanticipated forces. I watch as they struggle to expand the boundaries of perception–and reshape their understanding of themselves and each other. As a consequence of my work, the way people interpret the world around them fascinates me. I was therefore glad to be introduced to a blog that opens my eyes to the workings of the human mind: The Situationist.”

~ Diane Levin, a mediator, trainer, and attorney, and founder of the Boston-based dispute resolution firm Partnering Solutions, LLC, who blogs on Online Guide to Mediation (6/27/2007).

Best social psychology blog

The Situationist explores the importance of the situation in human behaviour and thought. It covers social psychology, social cognition, and related fields, but it is associated with HarvardLawSchool and therefore has a broad subject-area. It has both original writing and interesting excerpts from relevant pieces in the media.”

~ Jeremy Dean, a barrister and a graduate student in psychology at University College London who blogs on PsyBlog (6/13/2007)

May I recommend a new blog to you? The Situationist. It’s packed full of the results of social research and experiments.”

~ Daniel Finkelstein, Columnist and Comment Editor of the London Times (6/4/2007)

“The value of a great new blog like the Situationist is that the folks there do already understand, and these series and its other posts give hope and tips that we’ll be able to break through someday, even if some states and policies have already imploded.”

~ Michael Connelly, administrator of the Evaluation & Analysis Unit of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections who blogs on Corrections Sentencing (6/4/2007)

“Congrats to The Situationist for winning an award for Best Social Psychology Blog. We don’t always link to everything we read there because it doesn’t all pertain to corr sent, but we do always find everything we read there stimulating and valuable. We didn’t get to vote, but we do concur. Check them out if you haven’t already. It will be worth your time.“

~ Michael Connelly, administrator of the Evaluation & Analysis Unit of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections who blogs on Corrections Sentencing (6/4/2007)

“If you’re into weighty well-written academic-type pieces, read The Situationist.”

~ Ali Fahmy, who blogs on Blueprint Blue (5/8/2007)

“This is both a bump to what I see as a pretty fascinating blog and a reminder to myself to check into it more. I hope I’m not doing a disservice to the site if I describe The Situationist as a blog about how aspects of our environment (our situation) drive our behavior – but it’s aimed at areas in which our assumptions might be wrong or areas we perhaps have never considered, things which have been glossed over in an overly-simplified manner in the past.”

~ Main Blogger at Weirleader’s Lair (4/25/2007)

“Take a look at the Project’s Blog, The Situationist. Contributers include Mahzarin Banaji, Jon Hanson, Jerry Kang, and Brian Nosek but to name a few. So many heavy hitters contributing to one blog make it a “must read”.”

~ Eric Schultheis, who blogs on The Race Equity Project (4/18/2007)

“I know I just keep mentioning and linking to The Situationist Blog, but it is so good, with such high quality posts from such high calibre scholars.”

~ Main Blogger at Psychology and Crime News (4/16/2007)

“[L]et me list a couple [of blogs] from my Bloglines list that often, if not always, make me jealous. The Situationist is my current fav. Although I claim to be a sociologist, I’m probably more of a social psychologist at heart.”

~ Dan Myers, chair of the sociology department at Notre Dame University who blogs on Blue Monster (4/16/2007)

“It’s great to see renowned scientists like . . . Phil Zimbardo at The Situationist, joining the blogosphere.”

~ Sandra Kiume, a science writer who blogs on Omni Brain and Neurofuture (3/30/2007)

“I’m glad to have discovered The Situationist. . . .Thanks for what you’re doing, extremely important stuff.”

~ Tom Clark, Director of Center for Naturalism (3/28/2007)

“You know that a blog post is good when it makes me want to go and read a book. Such is the one from thesituationist. There is a good post about Carol Dweck’s research on the pyschology of success; in other words, why do two different people of the same abilities often attain very different levels of success.”

~ Main Blogger at Blue Ollie (3/23/2007)

“The Situationist, associated with The Project on Law and Mind Sciences at HarvardLawSchool, is already receiving a good deal of praise from the blog world. After Yale’s recent run-in with the less fortunate gifts the blog world frequently has to offer, it is nice to see this new medium of self-published and democratic “blogging” produce a daily digest that is both provocative and entertaining without sacrificing content that is professional and rigorous.”

~ Michael Metzler, a graduate student at the University of Idaho who blogs on Pooh’s Think (3/15/2007)

“Over at The Situationist, Philip Zimbardo is doing a series of posts discussing Stanley Milgram’s famous obedience to authority experiments and his famous Stanford prison experiment. In my view, anyone working in the criminal justice arena (or really in any legal field) should know about Milgram’s experiments and his remarkable findings; these new Zimbardo posts provide a great up-to-date entry into these important (and always timely) human realities.”

~ Douglas Berman, a professor at the Moritz College of Law at The Ohio State University who blogs on Sentencing Law and Policy (3/14/2007)

“I thought I should bring to your attention a rather gorgeous new website from Harvard Law school. There’s also a fabulous blog, The Situationist, which has been going since January, featuring contributions from various social psych luminaries including Mahzarin Banaji, Susan Fiske and Philip Zimbardo. Definitely one for the Blogroll.”

~ Main Blogger at Psychology and Crime News (3/14/2007)

“If you want to keep track of developments in [how neurolaw is shaping the courtroom], you could do a lot worse than reading a great new blog called The Situationist from the Harvard Law School’s Project on Law and Mind Sciences. It’s got some fantastic contributors and, so far, has published some great articles.”

~VaughanBell, a psychologist at King’s College London who blogs on Mind Hacks (3/13/2007)

“[G]reat blog! It’s delightful to see a blog with top-notch psychology written by top-notch psychologists.”

~ Eric Schwitzgebel, an professor of philosophy at University of California at Riverside, who blogs on The Splintered Mind (3/13/2007)

A bunch of scholars from Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley and other schools have started this awesome blog called The Situationist. Each post is brilliant and sheds light on interesting topics in social sciences. Enjoy!

~ Samir Raiyani, a director of Dolcera who blogs on Desi Tamasha (3/10/2007)

“[C]heck out the excellent new blog The Situationist. There’s a great three part series on Situational Sources of Evil by Philip Zimbardo, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Stanford University and famous for the Stanford Prison Experiments, which he delves into here.”

~ Sandra Kiume, a science writer who blogs on Omni Brain and Neurofuture (3/9/2007)

“I just located an excellent Harvard blog: The Situationist . . . . Add it to your blog roll. I bet all my readers will find something of interest after a short browsing. This blog is provided by The Project on Law and Mind Sciences at HarvardLawSchool. The content seems fabulous all around . . . .”

~ Michael Metzler, a graduate student at the University of Idaho who blogs on Pooh’s Think (3/5/2007)

“I know I already plugged the new blog over at Harvard entitled The Situationist–but given (a) how actively they have been posting over there, and (b) how interesting and informative many of the posts have been, I thought I would bring it to the attention of anyone who may have missed my earlier mention of the blog! They have a recent post about the research on youth, preference, and perceived luck that I found particularly interesting.”

~ Thomas Nadelhoffer, a philosophy professor at Dickinson College who blogs on Experimental Philosophy (2/28/2007)

“Since coming across The Situationist web site, I’ve found many of their posts and articles interesting.”

~ Brett who blogs on Blah, Blah, Blah (2/23/2007)

Over at the new and fabulous Situationist blog, Philip Zimbardo takes us through the classic experiments by Stanley Milgram that led to the discovery of the ‘obedience effect’. His title for the post? Situational sources of evil.

~ Abi (T. A. Abinandanan), a professor in the Department of Materials Engineering at the Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore, India) who blogs on Nanopolitian (2/21/2007)

“Stanford psychologist Philip Zimbardo has a new book out: The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil . . While we wait for the book to arrive in India (at a reasonable price), we can read some of the ideas presented in the book, thanks to the wonderful blog The Situationist, which has Zimbardo as one of the contributors. So far, he has two series of posts: The Situational Sources of Evil (Parts I, II, and III), and From Heavens to Hell to Heroes (Parts I and II).”

~ Abi (T. A. Abinandanan), a professor in the Department of Materials Engineering at the Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore, India) who blogs on Nanopolitian (2/21/2007)

The Situationist, a newish group blog by some very bright people.

~ La Rana, who blogs on Frog (2/16/2007)

“There are serious objections – some which the good folks at the Situationist Blog might develop further -”

~ Dave Hoffman, a professor at Temple University Beasley School of Law who blogs on Concurring Opinions (2/13/2007)

“. . . fascinating and well thought out, with clearly stated ideas and stimulating discussion topics . . .”

~ AU, a psychology major at the University of Southern California who blogs on The Psychology of Sports (2/12/2007)

“While lurking around the internet last night looking for new stuff to read, I stumbled across what appears to be a really interesting blog run by some folks at Harvard’s Law School entitled The Situationist. Both the blog and the project itself seem really exciting. Hopefully, I can cajole some of the people who contribute over there to contribute here (and vice versa). For while I have had some success recruiting more philosophers and psychologists to play along, I have not had much luck with attracting legal scholars. And since this blog is supposed to be “dedicated to interdisciplinary research in philosophy, psychology, and legal theory”–it would be nice to have more discussion here concerning the relationship between our research and the law. Either way, I figured some of you might like to check out what they are putting together at HLS.”

~ Thomas Nadelhoffer, a philosophy professor at Dickinson College who blogs on Experimental Philosophy (2/10/2007)

The Situationist is a new blog run by a polyglot crew of academics concerned with “law and mind sciences.” Its co-creator is Jon Hanson of HarvardLawSchool, who has been writing extensively and at length (no exaggeration — check out some of the articles) in this area for the past few years. Its contributors include the psychology prof Philip Zimbardo, who is most famous for the 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment. I’m a big fan of Hanson’s work on situationism, and look forward to hearing from him, Jerry Kang, Sung Hui Kim, and others. Welcome.

~ Paul Horwitz, a professor at Southwestern University School of Law, who blogs on PrawfsBlawg (1/31/2007)

“There is a new blog on the block that should be interesting to anyone investigating, litigating and advocating consumer issues such as deceptive advertising, visual illusions, and human biases in issues such as lending and credit payments. Indeed, one of its founders, Jon Hanson, has been a leader in consumer law scholarship and areas such as product liability and market manipulation, using insights from social psychology and behavioral economics to inform policy.”

~ Orly Lobel, a professor at the University of San Diego School of Law who blogs on Consumer Law & Policy Blog (1/31/2007)

Welcome to a Great New Blog. Via Prawfsblawg, we’re alerted to the launch of a really, really promising new blog, The Situationist. I’ve visited and it promises to keep us all up-to-date on much of the neuro-related issues we’re watching in corrections sentencing. They’ve already got a nice post on MLK, some good stuff on Stephen Pinker and the illusion of consciousness. I’ll check in often and alert you to particular posts, but you should go there yourself and get those hit counters clicking. Definitely worth your time . . . speaking of intelligent blogs on cognitive science and its implications, check out this really nice post on the cog sci behind our perceptions of race at The Situationist.

~ Michael Connelly, administrator of the Evaluation & Analysis Unit of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections who blogs on Corrections Sentencing (1/30/2007; 2/16/2007)

“I have added “The Situationist” to our blogroll. The new blog is part of the Project on Law and Mind Sciences at HarvardLawSchool. Welcome!”

~ Adam Kolber, a professor at the University of San Diego School of Law who blogs on Neuroethics and Law Blog (1/30/2007)

The Situationist is a new blog featuring a group of law scholars and social scientists interested in exploring the implications of social science research for legal thought. The name of the blog references situationism, a legal perspective that embraces the empirical rigor of social science in place of naïve psychology. The blog is created by Harvard law professor, Jon Hanson, and Mississippi law prof, Michael McCann (who also blogs at the excellent Sports Law Blog). But perhaps the most famous resident of the new blog is social psychologist, Phillip Zimbardo (of Stanford prison experiment fame). This looks to be a blog of some interest to organizational scholars, particularly those with an economic sociology angle.

~ Brayden King, a sociology professor at Brigham Young University who blogs on Orgtheory (1/29/2007)

A new blog, The Situationist, came online this week . . . The initial posts are fascinating. Jurisdynamics will be monitoring The Situation very closely.

~ Jim Chen, the Dean of the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville and also a blogger on Jurisdynamics (1/27/2007)

A couple of new sites to check out, including a new entry into my starting lineup . . . The Situationist . . . it really starts with a bang.

~ John J. Perricone, who blogs on Only Baseball Matters (1/27/2007)

4 Responses to “Praise for The Situationist”

  1. bosskitty said

    The Situationist Blog offers credible, researched insight that is relevant and useful toward understanding. That understanding is necessary before we can compile solutions that may lead us out of danger. I have linked to The Illusion of Wall Street Reform.

  2. defencedebates said

    It’s an intresting blog, strong analysis for situations around the world, mostlly people oriented subjects.I’m intrested to read and also pass it to my readers, who need to be also more people oriented.
    Keep up the good work,
    Burca Alice Larisa

  3. […] Praise for The Situationist […]

  4. […] Praise for The Situationist […]

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