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The Moon and Your Emotions

Posted by The Situationist Staff on August 17, 2007

The MoonDespite its barrenness, the Moon has been a fixation for humans since the origin of our species. The Romans and Greeks, for instance, thought it was a goddess. Much more recently, it spawned a space race between the United States and the Soviet Union. It has also provided great fodder for werewolf stories and the like.

Aside from its cultural and political ramifications, the moon affects the Earth in physical ways. Most meaningful, it’s gravitational pull, which varies depending on the distance between the Earth and Moon, helps to create our oceans’ tides. This link provides a layperson’s description of the phenomenon:

Tides are created because the Earth and the moon are attracted to each other, just like magnets are attracted to each other. The moon tries to pull at anything on the Earth to bring it closer. But, the Earth is able to hold onto everything except the water. Since the water is always moving, the Earth cannot hold onto it, and the moon is able to pull at it. Each day, there are two high tides and two low tides. The ocean is constantly moving from high tide to low tide, and then back to high tide. There is about 12 hours and 25 minutes between the two high tides.

While there is uncertainty as to what the Earth would be like without the Moon, it’s clear that it would be a very different place, with very dissimilar wind and water patterns. So the Moon matters a great deal to Earth and all of its life.

But does it matter to us, individually? Some believe that the moon’s varying gravitational pull affects our brains and bodies in ways that we do not appreciate. After-all, the human body is mostly water, so if the moon moves bodies of water, why not us? If this sounds crazy, keep in mind that many believe it to be true, including those who are highly-educated. An article by Alina Iosif and Bruce Ballon of the University of Toronto’s Department of Psychiatry explains:

A study by Rotton and Kelly in 1985 showed that 50% of university students believed that people act strangely during a full moon. In 1995, Vance reported that as many as 81% of mental health professionals believed that the full moon alters individual behaviour.

Perhaps these beliefs are influenced by some in the scientific community, including psychiatrist Arnold Lieber, who authored the controversial “Lunar Effects: Biological Tides and Human Emotions.” In it, he concluded that a full moon leads to higher homicide rates and other nefarious effects. His conclusions, writes Chris Francesani and Brittany Bacon on ABC News, are supported by others:

Studies have found that cops and hospital workers are among the strongest believers in the notion that more crime and trauma occur on nights when the moon is full . . . Dr. David Mandell of the Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh and some colleagues studied existing data on health-care myths and did a 2005 study of area nurses. He said he found that 69 percent of surgical nurses in his study believed that a full moon led to more chaos and patients that night.

Now the bad news for those who believe: Most scientific evidence indicates that the moon does not appreciably influence our bodies or minds. As Iosif and Ballon write,

Not everyone realizes that, although the moon is able to move oceans, this is achieved only because the moon’s gravity acts over the 12 800-km diameter of the earth, which pulls back with a comparable force. But the moon exerts no influence on smaller bodies of water such as lakes and even some seas, and the difference between a person’s weight in the presence of the moon’s gravity and his or her weight if there were no moon is “less than the effect of a mosquito on one’s shoulder.”

* * *

To read a study by physicist Robert Seeberger on how there is no connection between lunar activity and industrial accidents, click here. To read other accounts indicating no connection between the Moon and human behavior, see University of Florida psychologist James Rotton’s Moonshine and a post on Psychology and Crime News discussing the research of University of Washington bioengineering professor Eric Chudler.


57 Responses to “The Moon and Your Emotions”

  1. Doug S. said

    The moon has had a distinct and obvious influence on human behavior. Different phases of the moon result in brighter and darker nights, which provides a perfectly reasonable explanation for the behavioral effect of moon phases – it’s easier to see when the moon is full. (Artificial lighting has reduced the magnitude of this effect, though; nights just aren’t as dark as they used to be.)

  2. Grue said

    Why does all the data seem to be on people’s opinions (e.g. how many nurses believe the moon makes a difference) rather than more objective evidence (e.g. how many victims of violence are admitted to the ER on full moons vs crescent moons)?

  3. Danny said

    I am a strong believer of this phenomena as I my mental alertness is always at peak during full moon cycle and reverse if otherwise.

    The feeling is mostly being high on caffeine during these times (as I am not much of a coffee drinker) hence during low-season, I’d need shots of coffee/tea to keep myself going.

  4. Eyal Ben David said

    Couldn’t the effects that people feel be a result from a disposition, inherit in culture, that makes them more alert to events that correspond to their beliefs?
    A kind of confirmation bias, which makes a full moon seem significant for a corresponding event, but half a moon insignificant?

  5. Fiona Stuart said

    I suffer depression and anxiety as does one of my close friends. We both conclude that during a full moon we do feel considerably worse. This is something we have both felt for a long time. Neither of us are into astrology or mythology.
    This can’t be in our imaginations. Two nights ago there was a lunar eclipse and I feel even worse than during a normal full moon!?

  6. Daniel Johnson said

    I would agree with Fiona. Interestingly, though my roommate rarely suffers from anxiety or depression and his cycle seems to be the opposite (though not as ‘polar’ as mine, still present in a subtle way.) Also worth mentioning, most instances of either extreme depressive or energetic states (whether mine or my roomies) are first noted, and afterward I check to see if they correspond with a particular moon phase. Currently working on a personal lunar journal to test some of these ideas!

  7. Rebecca Kieft said

    My mood is quite the same as Danny’s during full moon nights, I am extremely hyperactive and suffer insomnia. I have also noticed that I become far more sexually aware during full moons, similar to what people experience with alcohol. I used to think that maybe it was a psychological thing, that because i knew it was a full moon I couldnt sleep, so I purposely did not follow the moon’s cyle; thus i never knew what night the full moon would be on, but i found that I still had the same symptoms and when i checked online or outside it was a full moon. Its just something that i have to accept, and i try to have a late night and very early morning prior to the full moon so that I will be more tired.

  8. Beth Ann said

    ya know i really feel that i can relate to Rebecca and Dan because I am always hyper, but I suffer no insomnia. I though, become a bit wild past hyper. I feel almost crazy in a strange way. I don’t drink coffee and I don’t become hyper on soda or other sugary foods so I think the moon has something to do with it. It just seems like that is the most logical reason I can come up with. Something even stranger is that during a new moon I’m overly tired, and slightly depressed. I hope that you understand this.

  9. Lee said

    I am a strong beleiver in the effects the full moon has on the human body as well. Whenever it comes around,I am much more alert and,like Rebecca,have a hard time going to sleep.But I suppose it really just varies from person to person,for instance,some people are more hyper and alert,others feel horrible,while some feel no effect at all.

  10. Sheri said

    I find it an interesting coincidence that the lunar cycle is 28 days and the menstrual cycle of a woman is based on 28 days.

  11. Denise Breslin said

    I have seen clearly that as the moon waxes (grows), my emotionalism gets much more intense and I get so much more hypersensitive and often down and edgy. I am beyond menopause, so PMS doesn’t even vaguely figure into this. At first, I didn’t realize there was a connection, but then noticed that each month, I would definitely have some weeks where I was a wreck emotionally. So just for the heck of it, I checked to see what state the moon was in — it is AlWAYS in the growing/waxing state when I feel on edge, down for an extended period. Now I also have chronic fatigue which heightens our sensitivities, so that plays a role, but I can only see the direct connection to the Moon in terms of when this occurs on a regular basis. Believe me, I wish it didn’t occur at all or that I felt BETTER not worse at this time.

  12. Desi said

    once in a while i tend to get very emotional, hypersensitive, depressed…and last night my fiancee told me that every time its full moon I am like this. 3 months in a row now. He never believed in stuff like that but are convinced now. What can I do to control my emotions in that time? anyone? what do you think?

  13. Hannah said

    When I walk to the bus stop in the morning I am surrounded by the woods so when I look at the moon I feel like i should just follow it. There were times when I considered just walking into the woods to watch the moon…What should i do? I believe that it has something spiritual to do with me because I am irish and cherokee indian. I have also noticed this feeling more since i began searching for a new religion. And my eyes are two different colors like a huskies…one is bright green, almost blue. And the other is dark green almost brown. I’ve been trying to get some answers but i can’t seem to find anyone who knows what is going on with me…I wasn’t born on a full moon…i was born on the half moon soo? What Am i turning into a werewolf or something? I know it isn’t my menstrual cycle because it has only been since last year that i became strangely drawn to it…i feel out of place and just cant stop staring when i see it! someone help me!

  14. Based Carbon said

    I’ve felt the same as you Hannah. I live in a rural area, and there are nights when I feel the need to just walk away from everything, follow the moon. It’s a very strange feeling. There is nothing as liberating as a midnight walk through the woods though. I don’t know the basis for these urges but they are there, and it feels good to accept them. I’ve noticed also what others have mentioned here, that my moods follow the moon cycle in an “after the fact” sort of manner. Meaning that I will be feeling a certain emotion and out of happen stance catch a glimpse of the moon. The full moon is always strongly artistic, with the waning moon being a feeling of loss. The new moon usually brings about anger, or discontent with situations, but then the waxing moon always ALWAYS is acceptance, or hope. Perhaps it’s an unconscious act that I put myself in, but it’s hard not to feel trapped all the same. Currently I’m working on trying to use this flow of emotions for the better. It all sounds very silly written out . . . I’m sorry.

  15. sam said

    The effect of the moons gravitational pull, as sited above, also relating to oceanic tides, also have various effects to our physiology. As we are largely made of water ourselves, the tidal distortions created by the moon would also effect anything carried in our bodies water, namely HORMONES and the glands they are released from. Is this not obvious?

  16. sam said

    The water in our bodies and our endocrine system that controls the hormones that are released into our body fluids seem to me the most likely thing to be effected by the gravitational pull of the moon. As with the oceanic tides, as stated above.
    I’m not disagreeing that full moons can seem full of portent, however for any unwanted effect of which people are not aware I would look to the moons ever changing gravitational effects on our physiology.

  17. Simon said

    I think it is absurd to think that the moon has no effect on us. I agree with the approach that we are mostly water so how is our water not affected but the earth’s is. But there are more conclusive things to consider.

    The human heart generates an electromagnetic field similar to that of the earth, and in fact, when one looks at the readouts of fluxuations in the earth’s field they look surprisingly human. Similarly the earths ionisphere readouts look a lot like the readouts of human brainwaves.

    Strong correlations have been drawn between the state of the earths field and the effect on the field of each human. For example, solar flares have been shown to cause an increase in things like heart attacks and car accidents. So to me the idea that the moon affects our behaviour seems standard. Anything that is changing the earths electromagnetic field is also changing ours. The coherence within the field generated by our heart depends on our state of being ie. state of high stress VS deep meditation. Those who are in a more incoherent state are more affected by changes in the earths field while those in a coherent state are less affected.
    Interest in these ideas should be directed to The Global Coherence Initiative.

  18. jessica said

    i never took a moment to think that i am. i am one. i am everything and nothing all at once.. i am life, light. and that because of this, all factors contribute. emotions are not mine, my body, my possessions, are not mine. so well, here is something that is getting me to think..

    i’ve been told i have depression/minor case of bipolar, because, a couple days of each month i’m just so down and depressed that i find no purpose to life and well, you know all that. but then after those few days, i feel like it never happened and that it’s never going to happen again, i feel great. re-born. refreshed. but it always came back around, every month.

    i started recording when it would happen to find if it happened at the same time – this was not the case.

    years later i started becoming conscious of the spirit that i am and by this point had opened my mind to the moon and looked back at the recordings and found that every period of time that i was depressed was during a NEW MOON. i read about the FULL MOON playing on emotions, but never the new moon.. that is really peculiar to me. DOES ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE NEW MOON AND IT’S PLAY ON EMOTIONS?

  19. jessica said

    where are you located? we got the depression at the same time, though, you had a full moon and mine a new moon.. and i’m like this every time it comes around too

  20. The effects of the Moon’s phases on human, animal and plant behaviour have been noted not just for decades, or generations, but for thousands of years. To say that “science” proves that there is no effect shows that either the “scientists” are asking and answering the wrong questions, or that they are mistaken. Full Moons and New Moons create tensions in the collective, and especially in sensitive individuals. Without even taking account of the other astrological forces at play, anyone who carefully examines the effect of the New Moon, Full Moon, and their eclipses can easily see the correlation. To say that gravity cannot have any influence means nothing. The influence here is by no means purely material, though when we note the effects on human behaviour of relatively miniscule quantities of drugs such as LSD, size hardly matters :) The world is a spiritual place, not just a collection of atoms and we need to take note of the way it works, if we want to survive, prosper and grow as conscious beings.

  21. Валентина said

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  22. Sal said

    I am not a believer of this phenomenon. I know this phenomenon occurs…I live it! I have learned not to make major decisions and life choices around this time because I am too hyper sensitive and emotional at these times. Science may not have proof but let’s just ask the question “Does science have ALL the information available on which to make an informed decision?” Maybe its best to say on the scientific understanding and information they currently have they can find no evidence.


  23. Sal said


    I too am finding the same. So, so hypersensitive around these times. I think the next full moon I will slow down, appreciate silence, get close to nature, not make any major choices or life changing decisions, cut down on life’s stimulations. Do please let me know what ways you find to help you


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  25. Anonymous said

    There is no doubt that the moon has a profound effect on human behavior. About 1.5 weeks before a full moon that which can go wrong will go wrong. Appliances on the edge will break. Strange happenings will occur that make me think I’m a some kind of psychedlic trip. Sexually charged is an understatement. Insomnia is real. I dread it every month. There is a veil between this world and the next that gets very thin during the lead up to the full moon. Psychic intiutions become strong. I am a scientist by nature but there is a lot we have to learn about this phenomenon.

  26. Yogi said

    I practice Ashtanga yoga that is a traditional vigorous yoga style that is thousands of years old. In ashtanga we practice every day except moon days: full moon and new moon. They believe that the days of full moon we have too much energy so if we practice we might do too much and injure ourselves. The days of new moon is the opposite, we have less energy so we use that day to rest. I agree with Sal, those days you slow down, appreciate silence, meditate and spend more time in nature.

  27. Years ago my mother would always tell me u want your hair tp grow back thick and full, cut it on the full-moon. A famous writer says he does his best writing on a full moon. I later found out the water in our body adheres to the funcioning of the moon!

  28. Bill Lulay said

    I just went through two days of full-blown depression, and, guess what? Full moon was three days ago. I started noticing a correlation to bouts of depression with the full moon several years back. It does not happen with every full moon, but if I inexplicably become depressed, it will always be within several days of a full moon. This depression currently manifests with disagreements and arguments with my significant other. The problems always seem very real to me when I am in their embrace, but then, as my mood lightens, the problems seem to evaporate, not to say there are not real problems, but their emotional charge lessens dramatically. These events frequently leave me wrung out emotionally and physically exhausted. While pondering my feelings of the past couple of days this morning as I was waking up, I remembered that my father was treated for depression back in the 1950’s with electroshock therapy. I never knew his particular circumstances, but it made me wonder if there is a genetic connection with depression.

  29. Ali Friend said

    My menstrual cycle is in direct correlation with the full moon. 10 days prior to the full moon I experience physical, mental, and emotional symptoms.
    The full moon is June 13, 2014. I am currently experiencing the following symptoms. Constipation, low grade headache, tender breast, crying over certain movies, commercials, etc, increase in appetite, urge to binge on shopping, gambling, drugs/alcohol, over sleeping, great desire to just be alone.
    The symptoms I experience differ every cycle. Some examples of other symptoms are; diarrhea, loss of appetite, nausea (mock morning sickness), sore blind pimples in my ears, vaginal itching, increase of energy, or lack of, insomnia, paranoia, delusional thoughts, not able to determine reality from thoughts, I can name so many more.
    I have been journaling my cycle for years. It has been an issue for me since 11 years of age. Becoming more self aware in my mid 20’s I slowly started to identify patterns. It was just within the last 2 years I have determined that the day of the full moon is the 1st day of menstruation.
    This has had a huge impact on my life, in every area, relationships, schooling, employment. I’ve struggled greatly.
    I basically have 2 weeks in a month where I am clear, and level headed, physically feel well, and highly motivated.
    Since I have become more and more aware of what is happening I have a bit more control over the emotional symptoms however there are months I have absolutely no control.
    I am trying to find more research if any about the relationship between the two.
    I haven’t had much luck. Yet I have only resourced the Internet, my gynaecologist, and some Wiccan/pagan groups.
    I seem to have accumulated more information by journaling.
    If anyone can lead me in the direction to find more info, or you have some of your own….let me know

  30. Dr Arvind Gopal Kulkarni said

    there is just no doubt that lunar cycle and the menstruation cycle are completely correlated. ‘chandrama manso jaatah’ is a dictum from purushasookta, a hindu text written around 500 bc or before, which is recited everyday by religious hindus, all over the world.

  31. Mai said

    It is truly a great and useful piece of info.
    I’m happy that you just shared this helpful information with us.

    Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  32. shealynn said

    Oh my I never thought that others experienced this to. I have bi-polar major depressive disorder and anxiety. A couple days before today which is a full moon night I have experienced extreme agitation, severe mood swings like one minute I am really happy and the next I want to hurt myself, I cant stay asleep much at all and barely have an appetite.My mother says that she has been tracking my symptoms correlation with the moons cycle for a while now and believes it to be always worse on a full moon. I am beginning to believe it as well. I never thought that I would say this but I’m kind of glad that others experience this that way I know I’m not just making this all up.

  33. 4Chan said

    the moon is a giant moon matrix mind controlling everyone come on just look at that evil thing

  34. Anonymous said

    For me, it’s during the new moon that I lose control of my drinking behavior.

  35. Erik Reace said

    On newmoons I feel like hell! I barly make it through. I aways tell myself that I want to be put into a medical induced coma during newmoons! Full moon’s are easier for me although they can make me slightly more delusional and some insomnia. My energy is higher during a full moon and my sex drive increases. During a full lunar eclipse I ususlly have strong suicidal urges. I feel like I want to smash my head through the wall. My shadow (the dark part of my psyche) is fucking mad as hell, dark and evil. I pray to God that some day I will find relief from the dam moon cycles. As a kid I do know it was so much easier. Maybe the world is getting more and more dangerous!

  36. Katie said

    Well it is the full moon today and I have been feeling crap since yesterday and the day before. Extreme mood swings and hyper sensitive to the point of weeping just like during PMS, though my date is still 2 weeks away.. I have done what one of you mentioned, not tracking the moon and becoming consciously aware of its forthcoming effect. I can fully confirm the mood melancholy that arrives with the full moon and I even track some of my friends randomly who get affected. Anyway – I am writing this is the same mood which is prevalent. And just hope it passes soon.. Nature is a undeniably a powerful source..

  37. Jfhgd Yghd said


  38. Anonymous said

    put 100 people in a large area and watch the reaction. this must be a controled test. Otherwise get a look at gps crime mapping yourself. As well activity of the abnormal is a result of moonlighting and gravity. Both effects are unavoidable. We have built in survival behaviors that drive us to move and take on night activities.This is due to the nocturnal and adaptive behavior we have fine tuned
    ex: adapting both carnivour and herbivour trates as well as adaptibilty in extreme conditions far from our original habits. So yes the possibility of gravitational pull from the moon affecting us HELL YEAH it does!. just pay attention you will see……………..

  39. sdf said

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  40. […] here to read a super cool online article that better explains this scientific effect or this one that puts method to madness.  Check out the 2016 moon calendar to plan your crazy […]

  41. Myview said

    I’m an older person and draw on a lifetime’s experience. Regardless of what ‘science’ claims, I have no doubt about the moon’s effect upon me. Yes, I love the sight of the full moon & when younger had a yearning to go to a beach at full moon. However the effect of the full moon (upon me) is not as lovely. Generally, the full moon period has a negative effect upon me. I become argumentative, depressed, far less positive, unfortunately. I have caused dreadful arguments during the full moon period & at the time, believed I was justified, only to realise after the full moon had waned, that I was at fault. People have had to tolerate that from me for much of my life. It results in further depression & regret over the damage I’ve done. To make things worse, I was usually suffering PMT around the full moon. Makes me wonder about science’s agenda in denying so much anecdotal evidence.

    My dreams are usually far more vidid & numerous around the full moon & quite often are of far more disturbing nature than usual.

    During my working life it reached the point where I would make a note on desk-calendars in advance, drawing staff’s attention to each month’s approaching full moon period, because for years the period surrounding the full moon (particularly the lead-up to full moon) had resulted in a noticeable increase in ‘crazy’ customers and fractious interactions between them & staff. Customers who were usually reasonable were often highly disagreeable around the full moon period — they would ‘snap’, argue, threaten and make unreasonable demands, take offence when none was intended, etc. By making staff (and self) aware in advance that we were heading into a difficult few days ensured we would make an extra effort to accommodate customers and get through the storm.

    Very recently I read that Israeli research has shown that the full moon period (and certain winds) create positive ions, which in turn have a *negative* effect upon approx. 75% of humans (and possibly upon other organic life). So that is the science which Western researchers should pay attention to instead of (for some reason) trying to persuade that the full moon has no effect. The positive ions generated during the full moon period apparently create a negative effect which results in an increase of serotonin which in turn creates a need for adrenalin to balance — hence the physical & mental disruption with which so many of us are familiar. This is recent research, by the way. Conversely, negative (good) ions abound around rushing water and generally result in a sense of well-being. We can’t all be around running water, however. So, banks & big financial organisations in Europe install negative-ion generators in their businesses. European banks claim negative-ion generators result in increase in productivity — and measurably large reduction in absenteeism & mistakes. In other words, European banks enjoy increased profits & far fewer problems via installation of negative-ion generators. The full moon period (according to Israeli and other research) produces positive ions which exert a negative effect and say their troops suffer decreased efficiency and more problems because of those positive ions (as during full moon and certain wind conditions). It’s not rocket-science, yet Western ‘science’ continues to fly in the face of evidence and insists the full moon period has no effect upon us. And self-styled ‘sceptics’ parrot the flawed claims and disinformation churned out by Western ‘science’. Meanwhile, police forces, hospitals, doctors, nurses, emergency wards, etc. world-wide report a spike of crime, injuries, illnesses, etc. around the full moon. Police forces draft in extra manpower during the full moon period as do many hospitals. Manpower costs money which must be budgeted-for. Hospitals and police forces would not put a drain on their budgets unless they knew, from experience, that it’s justified. In supposedly ‘less enlightened’ nations, police & judges etc. are more lenient towards crimes committed during the full moon period. It seems very clear that ‘Western science’ is out of step with evidence and everyone else, for some reason and I see no reason to accept Western science’s claims that the full moon has no effect.

  42. William C. Lulay said

    I suspect Western Science’s problem with the Moon’s effects on us is more a function of it’s inability to measure the effects, rather than those effects not existing. Just as Quantum Science is now discovering connections that were previously thought “Mystical,” once ways are discovered to measure things “Spiritual,” it will continue to confirm what Quantum theory is already showing – EVERYTHING is connected. We are all a part of the grand dance of the universe – the moon’s phases, the ebb and flow of the tides, are as much a part of us as the blood flowing through our veins.

  43. Yes question i have how find out or now the difference between the moon or how it apears on peak or larks in or out depending on our mood morning or night im trying to figure or is it based on how we think or how we become awear of our .mornings on how to deal with them

  44. ok another question when we look up at the sky or in the morning on how we feel good or bad how do we reflect on the problem i now i have my problem when i try to meatine my day it is hard but i have god. That gives me strength i mean what kind of source do we need to break from the ciycle

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  46. siobhan said

    feel realy sick with this full moon.

  47. Anna said

    Full Moon is definitely my least favorite Moon phase of all. From what I have noticed, many people during Full Moon tend to become irritated and frustrated easier, are more argumentative and feel more out of balance than usual. Headaches are also common. It kind of makes sense since during Full Moon the Sun and the Moon are in opposition on the sky, facing each other like enemies.

  48. Has anyone noticed any changes with this super moon? Between Monday and today, I have been up 2 full nights with worse anxiety/panic attacks than I have had in a while. The day in between I felt great, no anxiety, no pain ..nothing. Monday night and last night were horrible….literally no sleep and it’s horrible!

  49. Rimy said

    Hi. I am from Delhi, it is capital of India. Staring moon makes me feel very scared. Some times. In the night it scares lookimg at the moon. It scares me a lot specially when it starts to appear in the sky & take a proper shape. I can watch only if sky is bright & clean moon very small, in d light only. I dont know wy this happens to me. I am vey emotion beem in depression. & stress for so long. Is there anyone who has same issue? It became a huge problem for if i say anyone they will laugh at me. I dont know what to do? Its like someome watching me as a moon it hrrible to face or taking a look at moon. Is there anyone facing the same issue???? :( help

  50. Anon said

    I am a perceptive mature lady & highly in tune with how my body & mind respond in the environment. I note the changes in my mood when the moon is full which also affects balance slightly (more prone to clumsiness as it invariably coincides with my menstrual cycle). I notice a surge in sex drive and alertness which dissipates after a couple of days. I think there must be an innate link. It reminds me that Christmas Island crabs automatically know when the moon is full, tides are at highest level to release their eggs.

  51. Justine Abeln said

    A full moon most certainly affects my emotions, I hate it! A Supermoon or a lunar eclipse has me anxious and angry and tearful for nearly a full week before it happens.
    I don’t follow the moon cycles at all, but when I’m feeling like this I check what the moon is up to.
    This week has been particularly bad, so I checked the sky, and sure enough the moon is nearly full. Not only that, but there is a supermoon as well as a full lunar eclipse on Monday! Coincidence?

  52. SnehaK said

    I love this thread. I love you all. I recognize and bow to the divinity in you. Namaste!
    I am a spiritual person and of Indian descent. I have multiple stories to tell and many experiences like yours. Luckily my culture has acceptance and scientific/ religio-spiritual belief in everything that is becoming common acceptance now. Every planet affects us energetically and since the moon is the closest it does have a great impact. I never believed it growing up I was an atheist in my own mind. Later on I revisited the spiritual and scientific discourses inherent to hinduism and ancient India. I respect every source of knowledge now. Indian Astrology speaks a great deal about every planet’s influence on the body and mind and so do vedas. There is a creation hymn in rig veda I would suggest you to read up on too. Since these texts are very old some of their meaning has been lost. Still it is an interesting read.

  53. SnehaK said

    Also to add to my previous comment my mom is always reminding me change my diet with the waxing and waning of the moon. We dont eat meat and try to detox with fasting on a full moon and no moon nights both. Detoxifying diet has worked for me in terms of being able to channel this energy into positivity rather than negativity by meditation. I think everything becomes amplified with the full moon and if we consciously choose our energy we can greatly amplify the positive. At the times of the seasons changing we have similar customs of observing a 9 day fast in which only fruits, vegetables and vegan sources of carbs and proteins are advised. I did it this time (used to laugh at these customs earlier) and guess what I did not get the seasonal flu and allergies that I have been getting at every change in the weather.

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