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20% off for Situationist Readers

Posted by The Situationist Staff on January 31, 2012

Ideology, Psychology, and Law (the Situationist book edited by Jon Hanson and published by Oxford University Press) is now available.  Use the promotional code (30552) from the following flyer to save 20%.  Click here (or on the image below) to go to the book’s website for more information.

3 Responses to “20% off for Situationist Readers”

  1. Twitchy Woman said

    I see what you’re doing here; you’re highlighting a constructed group identity (“Situationist readers”) and framing the book discount as a perk that accrues only to a select few. This makes buying the book more appealing since in doing so I’m reaffirming Situationist readers’ superiority – and thus my superiority – to non-Situationist readers.

  2. Jon Hanson said

    Precisely! Better act fast, because supplies won’t last! – jh

  3. Twitchy Woman said

    What’s worse, I hear that Fox News is encouraging people to petition Oxford University Press to stop publishing books like these. I, for one, refuse to let Rupert Murdoch tell me what to read and plan on buying this book immediately.

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