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Applied Cognitive Psychology – February 2011

Posted by The Situationist Staff on March 1, 2011

Applied Cognitive Psychology, Volume 25, Issue 1 (January/February 2011)

© John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Research Articles

Positive and negative effects of physical context reinstatement on eyewitness recall and identification, Carol K. Wong, J. Don Read

Interactive elements for dynamically linked multiple representations in computer simulation, Günter Daniel Rey

Accuracy and perspective in involuntary autobiographical memory, John H. Mace, Elizabeth Atkinson, Christopher H. Moeckel, Varinia Torres

Typicality effects on memory for voice: Implications for earwitness testimony, J. W. Mullennix, A. Ross, C. Smith, K. Kuykendall, J. Conard, S. Barb

Remembering why: Can people consistently recall reasons for their behaviour? Suzanne O. Kaasa, Erin K. Morris, Elizabeth F. Loftus

Combating Co-witness contamination: Attempting to decrease the negative effects of discussion on eyewitness memory, Helen M. Paterson, Richard I. Kemp, Jodie R. Ng

Effect of viewing the interview and identification process on juror perceptions of eyewitness accuracy, Margaret C. Reardon, Ronald P. Fisher

Photograph-induced memory errors: When photographs make people claim they have done things they have not, Linda A. Henkel

Are people always more risk averse after disasters? Surveys after a heavy snow-hit and a major earthquake in China in 2008Jin-Zhen Li, Shu Li, Wen-Zhong Wang, Li-Lin Rao, Huan Liu

Interference in eyewitness and earwitness recognition, Sarah V Stevenage, Amy Howland, Anna Tippelt

Children’s memory for the times of events from the past years, William J. Friedman, Elaine Reese, Xin Dai

Book Review

An introduction to the cognitive theory of multimedia learning, Kathy Robinson


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