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The Future of Embodied Cogntion

Posted by Adam Benforado on July 28, 2010

I have just returned from the fabulous Barnard Interdisciplinary Workshop on Embodiment. The three-day workshop, funded by the National Science Foundation, brought together 23 experts from across the cognitive sciences and humanities—including George Lakoff, Larry Barsalou, and Vittorio Gallese—to plan and discuss the future of the rapidly growing field.

I was lucky enough to participate as a representative from legal academia and I must say that I am more convinced than ever that embodiment research is set to revolutionize a number of disciplines both inside the mind sciences and without.

In the coming weeks, I hope to bring more new work from embodied cognition to the Situationist, so find those soft slippers, put the tea kettle on, and sit back in a comfy chair . . .

* * *

For a sample of previous Situationist posts on the topic, click on “The Embodied Situation of Metaphors” and the links it contains.

One Response to “The Future of Embodied Cogntion”

  1. Jake said

    I’ll be looking forward to those pieces. I find the work on embodied cognition fascinating.

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