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Posted by The Situationist Staff on February 22, 2010


Below, we’ve posted titles and a brief quotation from some of the Situationist news over the last several weeks.

* * *

From Miller-Mccun: “Get Politically Engaged, Get Happy?”

“As the United States gears up for midyear elections, getting involved in a campaign might not only be a great opportunity to participate in democracy — it might make you feel better.” Read more . . .

From Miller-Mccun: “Threats, Anxieties Ingredients of Conservativism”

“Over the past year, a conservative right-wing movement has found a loud political voice in the United States. Strongly anti-government, the movement seems largely oriented around a message that anything the Obama administration wishes to accomplish is an attack on American tradition, and it is up to them to stop this radical socialist agenda emanating from Washington to preserve the country.” Read more . . .

From The New York Times: “Our Politics May Be All in Our Head”

“We all know that liberals and conservatives are far apart on health care. But in the way their brains work? Even in automatic reflexes, like blinking? Or the way their glands secrete moisture? That’s the suggestion of some recent research. It hints that the roots of political judgments may lie partly in fundamental personality types and even in the hard-wiring of our brains.” Read more . . .

From The New York Times: “The Riddle of Consciousness”

“The assorted mystics, philosophers, theologians and, most recently, neuroscientists who have burned a candle searching for the essence of consciousness all started with a simple presumption: Consciousness must begin where unconsciousness ends.” Read more . . .

From Science Daily: “Morality Research Sheds Light on the Origins of Religion”

“The details surrounding the emergence and evolution of religion have not been clearly established and remain a source of much debate among scholars. Now, an article published by Cell Press in the journal Trends in Cognitive Sciences on February 8 brings a new understanding to this long-standing discussion by exploring the fascinating link between morality and religion.” Read more . . .

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