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Susan Boyle and the Situation of Sound

Posted by The Situationist Staff on April 21, 2009

Susan BoyleFrom Situationist friend and situationist legal scholar Andrew Perlman, we received the following message:

* * *

“In case you haven’t seen it, this video of a talent show contestant in Britain has become a world-wide phenomenon.  The reason is simple — situational cues prepare us for a stunningly bad performance, and we end up getting quite the opposite.  You can find the video here.

* * *

It’s really quite moving.  Among other reasons, I think we intuitively realize how much appearance matters to us when we assess other people.”

* * *

For an examination of the connection between situationism and music, see Jon Hanson and Michael McCann’s “Busker or Virtuoso? Depends on the Situation.” In their post, Hanson and McCann explore how the situation in which persons listen to acclaimed violinist Joshua Bell–either while he is disguised as a subway peddler or while performing normally at a symphony–enormously influences how they regard his music.  For another post exploring how our taste in music is situationally contingent, see “The Situation of Music.”

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