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Introspection, Retrospection, & the 2008 Election – Part 2

Posted by The Situationist Staff on November 5, 2008

We’re interested in how you’re feeling after the U.S. Presidential election.  Please answer the following poll questions.


5 Responses to “Introspection, Retrospection, & the 2008 Election – Part 2”

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  2. deigratia said

    Now that a Democrat has been elected president, the Democrats in Congress have no excuse. They can no longer pretend that they have to “hold back” to win the election.

    They have no excuse to delay war crimes charges against Bush, Cheney and company for Iraq.

    They have no excuse to delay war crimes charges for torture.

    They have no excuse to delay criminal charges for spying on Americans.

    They have no excuse to delay criminal charges for 9/11.

    Now is not the time for Democratic machine politics. Now is the time to implement true American values – cherished across the political aisle – of liberty and justice.

    There can be no liberty in America unless the tyrants who have tried to imprison us and enslave us are prosecuted.

    There can be no justice in America unless the high and mighty are held accountable for their actions.

    Obama is a former Constitutional law professor. He knows the value of the Constitution and the rule of law. He promised during his campaign to curb the unconstitutional practices of the executive branch.

    But that is not enough. Because if the tyrants in both parties who have trampled on the vision of the founding fathers are not held accountable, then future tyrants will learn that they can get away with it, also.

    Now that Obama has won, there is no excuse. Those who have trampled on our country and our people must be held to account for the whole world and future generations to see.

  3. Jo-machhli said

    Don’t underestimate the influence of other election-related factors, like the passing of Prop 8 here in CA.

  4. anonymous said

    Will this lead to another annoying Dan Gilbert NYTimes Op-Ed as in 2004?

  5. nara said

    @ Jo-Machhli –

    ABSOLUTELY. That is the one thing that is holding me back from being completely happy. I cried for joy for at least an hour last night after the Obama win was announced – and keep getting randomly sniffly now when I think about it – but I had put all of my efforts into the No on 8 campaign for the last month, and as I watched the precincts report in and the numbers remain relatively unchanged, the night went from pure joy to bittersweet for me. I’m still overall happy, but it’s heavily mitigated.

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