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Do We Miss Racial Stereotypes Today that Will Be Evident Tomorrow?

Posted by The Situationist Staff on August 1, 2008

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6 Responses to “Do We Miss Racial Stereotypes Today that Will Be Evident Tomorrow?”

  1. anonyjw said

    By “miss” do you mean “ignore”?

    Very well put together. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Maya, CVT said

    Here is my very uneducated opinion about this, I beleive that while there is absolutely some racism (and let’s not forget about the hatred of Middle Easterners coming out in reference to Obama’s name) against Senator Obama, some people have swung all the way over to the other side of the pendulum, and are making this a big lovefest.

    As much as I wish we could address the racial issue through this election, if this man becomes president he will be leading a country that is about to crumble into chaos and war and on a planet that is about to end up in severe droughts and conditions that cannot sustain life. Do we really want to make this election about a celebrity lovefest when the United States is in such a nightmare? Ask youselves this question: how much would you be willing to pay for water, and how long can you live without it? Rich, poor, white or black, we’ll all be facing these problems in the future.

    Let the guy concentrate on being a leader. He needs to think and use all his intelligence, not huge distractions like this.

  3. When have elections _not_ been some form of love-fest?

  4. Maya, CVT said

    True enough, although the blogs on Obama’s website are exceptionally mushy. Which is fine, as long as the issues are addressed.

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