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Alcohol, Hotdogs, Sexism, and Racism

Posted by The Situationist Staff on May 6, 2008

Via a terrific blog (the latest addition to our blogroll), Sociological Images, here is a remarkable video from a recent television episode of This American Life.

Lisa from Sociological Images writes: “This clip . . . shows what happens when (mostly) black women and (mostly) white men living in racially-segregated Chicago are brought together and the social rules of decorum are suspended. It is highly, highly disturbing.” She then calls for some comments from social psychologists. To read those comments, click here. We urge our readers to join that discussion.

4 Responses to “Alcohol, Hotdogs, Sexism, and Racism”

  1. baakanit said

    It’s amazing to see the behaviour of people when they’ve been given that kind of freedom. Great video, i think i’m going to start watching that showtime show.


  2. philosoraptor said

    I’d suggest changing the title of the post to include the word “sexism”…

  3. […] economics, and policy-making. p.s. i have some random psych-related stuff to share. first, this is a very disturbing case of what happens when a social context lacks all the (widely accepted) […]

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