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The Situation of Race in America

Posted by The Situationist Staff on April 22, 2008

Malcolm X Image by spcoon - FlickrThe New York Times has a webpage devoted to a series of reports examining “How Race Is Lived in America.” Below we provide the webpage’s general description, followed by the title (with links) and authors of the specific reports.

* * *

“Two generations after the end of legal discrimination, race still ignites political debates — over Civil War flags, for example, or police profiling. But the wider public discussion of race relations seems muted by a full-employment economy and by a sense, particularly among many whites, that the time of large social remedies is past. Race relations are being defined less by political action than by daily experience, in schools, in sports arenas, in pop culture and at worship, and especially in the workplace. These encounters — race relations in the most literal, everyday sense — make up this series of reports, the outcome of a yearlong examination by a team of Times reporters.”

Shared Prayers, Mixed Blessings: Integration Saved a Church. Then the Hard Work Began by Kevin Sack

Best of Friends, Worlds Apart: Joel Ruiz Is Black. Achmed Valdés Is White. In America They Discovered It Matters by Mirta Ojito

Which Man’s Army: The Military Says It’s Colorblind. Tell That to These Drill Sergeants by Steven A. Holmes

Who Gets to Tell a Black Story?: A White Journalist Wrote It. A Black Director Fought to Own It by Janny Scott

A Limited Partnership: The Black Internet Entrepreneur Had the Idea; The White One Became the Venture’s Public Face by Amy Harmon

At a Slaughterhouse, Some Things Never Die: Who Kills, Who Cuts, Who Bosses Can Depend on Race by Charlie LeDuff

When to Campaign With Color: An Asian-American Told His Story to Whites and Won. For Black Politicians, It’s a Riskier Strategy by Timothy Egan

Reaping What Was Sown on the Old Plantation: A Landowner Tells Her Family’s Truth. A Park Ranger Wants a Broader Truth by Ginger Thompson

Growing Up, Growing Apart: Fast Friends Try to Resist the Pressure to Divide by Race by Tamar Lewin

The Hurt Between the Lines: A Newsroom Divides After a Healing Series on Race by Dana Canedy

The Minority Quarterback: Coaches Chose a White to Call the Plays. The Campus Found That Hard to Swallow by Ira Berkow

Guarding the Borders of the Hip-Hop Nation: In the ‘Hood and in the Burbz, White Money Feeds Rap. True Believers Fear Selling Out by N.R. Kleinfield

Why Harlem Drug Cops Don’t Discuss Race: Color Can Give Anonymity Undercover. But Looking Like a Suspect Has Its Risks by Michael Winerip

Bricks, Mortar and Coalition Building: Houston Is Nearly Equal Parts Black, Hispanic and Anglo. For 3 Contractors, That Means Working Together by Mireya Navarro

Getting Under My Skin: A White Mother and a Black Father Left Him This Legacy: The Struggle to Be an Integrated Man in a Segregated World by Don Terry

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