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Posted by The Situationist Staff on January 3, 2008

Situationist PodcastFor those of you who would like to do some listening, here are a few podcasts.

From Scientific American:

The Slow Down of Time in Crisis: (1 minute) Recent research from the Baylor College of Medicine tackles the fascinating experience we have of time slowing down during a terrifying event, like a car accident. Does our brain track time differently during crisis? They say no, it’s more about a trick of memory.

Fear Gets Us to the Gym: (1 minute) Research from the University of Bath reveals that the kind of messaging that persuades us to get to the gym is based on how we see ourselves in the future.

From New Scientist:

Quirkology: (8 minutes) Professor Richard Wiseman takes listeners a tour of the weird, the wonderful and the human mind.

From BBC Radio:

All in the Mind: (30 minutes) Dr Raj Persaud finds out how the very latest computer gaming technology is being developed into a therapeutic tool and asks if psychologists have finally unlocked the secrets of attraction.


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