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Vote Early and Often!

Posted by The Situationist Staff on December 18, 2007

vote-button.jpgYesterday we listed and linked to 40 of our best posts from the year. We now ask you to vote for your favorite, or at least your favorite among the eight listed below. (To vote, click on your favorite post of those listed.  If you would like to read the posts, click on the links in yesterday’s post, immediately below this one.)

What is your Favorite Situationist Post of 2007?

1) Think You’ve Got Magical Powers? (Emily Pronin)

2) Situational Sources of Evil (Philip Zimbardo)

3) Hoyas, Hos & Gangstas (Jon Hanson & Michael McCann)

4) Another Century of Genocide? (Paul Slovic)

5) The Moral Obligation to be Intelligent (Mahzarin Banaji)

6) Negative Press: Is ESPN Killing the NHL? (Jason Chung)
Test Space
7) Nuclear Power Makes Individualists See Green (Dan Kahan)
Test Space
8) Hey Dove! Talk to YOUR Parent! (Jon Hanson)


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