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The Situationist Named Best Social Psychology Blog

Posted by The Situationist Staff on June 19, 2007

We are honored that PsyBlog has named The Situationist the best social psychology blog in its recent Guide to Psychology blogs:

Best social psychology blog

The Situationist explores the importance of the situation in human behaviour and thought. It covers social psychology, social cognition, and related fields, but it is associated with Harvard Law School and therefore has a broad subject-area. It has both original writing and interesting excerpts from relevant pieces in the media.

PsyBlog is authored by Jeremy Dean, a barrister and a graduate student in psychology at University College London. We appreciate his kind words, and recommend reading about the other on-line publications honored.

We also appreciate you, our readers. When we launched The Situationist in late January we had no expectation of so quickly attracting such a loyal and often interactive readership. We hope you continue to read our writings and comment with thoughts and reactions.

3 Responses to “The Situationist Named Best Social Psychology Blog”

  1. DM said

    I read The Situationist first thing every morning. Thank you!

  2. Doug S. said

    I read everything that appears here. I wonder why you get so few comments?

  3. Many students studying A level psychology in the U.K. use the Situationist to learn more about Bandura, Zimbardo, and situational explanations of human behaviour. Have a look at this to see how:


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